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Currently providing corporate tours only. Tours to the general public will open up late Spring 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Explore the dark side with true tales of Boulder's haunted past on a 90 minute walking haunted history tour.

A delightfully spooky tour for the historophile.

A century and a half ago Pearl Street was the heart of Boulder's business district and the artery for wagons and stagecoaches bringing supplies to the miners in the foothills. It was a lifeline that unfortunately experienced it's share of death. Many early residents fell victim to murder and mayhem, foul play and fatal misfortune. The Grim Reaper's frequent visits kept the town's grave diggers busy, but some say not all who departed this mortal life still "rest in peace". 

    Come walk with the spirits who are dying to meet you!

To enhance your haunted experience ghost investigation equipment is used on this tour.

Photography encouraged. 

Friday and Saturday 6PM



The Night

A late night call to an infamous brothel left one lifeless and another locked up. Some say the restless victim is still up to her old "trix".

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The Center Stage

Craft beer and cocktails aren't the only spirits being served at this well known music venue. It's been known for decades that a mysterious male spirit takes center stage. In your worst nightmares. 

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The Hotel

Visit an iconic hotel that is home to a host of kindred spirits. Is it a curse or merely coincidence?

The Accident
Death was a way of life for miners. But sightings of a Tommyknocker prove that this deceased miner can't quite give up the ghost.
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The Figure

A faceless figure still visits the site of his gruesome death. Was it justice or murder? You be the judge. If you dare.

The Undertaker
He made it his life's work to bury the dead. On All Hallow's Eve that job that put him six feet under.  
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