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Historic Boulder Walking Tour

Explore the history and mystery of Pearl Street!

Stroll through Boulder's past on a 90 minute walking tour and learn how it grew from an early mining supply town to a thriving travel destination.

Currently providing corporate tours only. Tours to the general public will open up late Spring 2024. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Two centuries ago this area was the winter hunting ground of the Arapaho Indians.  In 1859, with the discovery of gold and silver in the foothills, many fortune seekers arrived to stake their claim. A humble settlement of log cabins became a supply town for the miners. The merchants, ranchers, farmers and miners were deeply dependent on each other for survival.  

Through years of punishing natural elements, economic booms and busts and even a "curse" they survived and thrived and became what early residents called the "Athens of the West". We welcome you to our history tours where you will walk in the same footsteps the Arapaho and early pioneers did and hear the stories and events or their extraordinary lives.   


Explore the legend of Chief Niwot's Curse 

Oh, yes she did! Discover where the early saloons were and meet the band of women who shut them down for 60 years. 

 Learn the tragic true tale behind Boulder's only lynching

hanging jerry adams.jpg

From presidents to socialites and social reformers, learn who our early celebrities were and how they helped shaped the town. 

 Visit Boulder's oldest structures that still exist today.

Hear the story of Boulder's oldest unsolved murder and visit the actual location of the crime.

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